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Wormhole  it's a management and strategy turn based game where the player administrates a chosen faction that will try to establish on a recently discovered galaxy filled with mysteries. 

We won 2nd prize on the MPVP on EVA 2019!

-Complex diplomacy.

-Galactic senate.

-Random characters.

-Planetary management.

-Scientific and technological development.

-Events and decission making.

-Ship design with over 150 components.

-More than 70 ship models.

-Real time battles with tactical pauses.

This is a pre-alpha demo version.

Your feedback and comments are appreciated.

Developer: Pablo Martín 

Music: Matías Martín

Writing: Clara Roncoroni

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Wormhole  es un juego de estrategia y administración por turnos, donde el jugador toma el rol del representante de una facción a elección que tratará de establecerse en una Nueva Galaxia descubierta a través de un misterioso agujero de gusano.

-Diplomacia compleja.

-Senado con leyes.

-Personajes generados aleatoriamente,

-Administración planetaria.

-Desarrollo científico y tecnológico.

-Eventos y toma de decisiones.

-Diseño de naves, con una gran variedad de componentes.

-Más de 70 modelos de naves.

-Batallas en tiempo real con pausas tácticas.

Demo versión alfa disponible para descargar!

Tu feedback y comentarios son más que apreciados.

Desarrollador: Pablo Martín 

Música: Matías Martín




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WMH - Demo.zip 265 MB

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Nice to see some space strategy,  you almost done basic of your game to be playable. But i would redesign UI, now it's looking like 1990 game, i would simplify icons and gave them uniform look, also screens like research have really anoying background so you focus more on background than on information displayed.  In planet overview you should add hints about how resources are produced, like +1 100 credits (+800 mines, + 400 taxes, -100 fleet maintence) and same for those % stats. Also ship building should be improved, listing through list of weapons isn't fun, i love how they done it in Stardrive 2, but that would take some serious time to implement. 

Anyway, i will folow you for your future improvment, keep working you are on good way ! :)

Hey! thanks.  Yes, we need to improve UI and icons art in general, for now there are mainly placeholders until we can get a rework from an artist. Everything else you said is valuable too, thanks! this kind of feedback is what we are looking for.  Hope to see you on the discord server

Just wanted to mention that ship building has been reworked thanks to your feedback, it's now more intuitive. Thanks


La verdad promete muchísimo, se nota que hay mucho trabajo detrás. Me gustan los juegos de estrategia complejos. Las investigaciones y los ingenieros me parecieron muy originales. Los voy a seguir!